Underclassman Spotlight: 2020 Wide Receiver Khaishef Edwards


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Feb 22, 2018
Khaishef Edwards, otherwise known as the human highlight reel, has emerged as one of the most explosive players in the greater Tampa area this season. The speedy 5’10’’ receiver in the class of 2020 at Largo High School is a threat to score anytime he touches the ball and has done just that on multiple occasions. Khaishef has accounted for 1,005 yards of offense this season, 881 of which has come as a receiver. Edwards has declared residency in the endzone this year, as he has scored, count it, 14 touchdowns through 10 games. 11 of those were as a receiver and two were on the ground with one coming on a kickoff return. Edwards has speed that erases defender’s angles and shows it off nearly every game. He also completely changes your defense, as sometimes the defender will leave as much as a 15 yard cushion. He is also not afraid of press coverage. There are countless times where the DB has been in press coverage on Edwards, but he is so fast off the line that the defender cannot even get a hand on him.

Largo is sitting at 7-3 right now and poised for a playoff run. Edwards has been far and away the best offensive weapon that Largo has, as he has been on the receiving end on over half of all passing yards this season. Furthermore, Edwards is responsible for over 25% of the offensive yards Largo has earned this season. That is an unreal percentage for a wide receiver.

Khaishef Edwards right now only has two offers, the first of which was from FAU, but I expect he gets some more recognition after the season ends. It is absolutely mind boggling that a guy with eleven touchdowns and this level of explosiveness only has offers from the likes of Florida Atlantic and Morgan State. You do have to question what exactly college scouts do sometimes. I understand a Power 5 school wanting a guy with better size, but how are Group of 5 schools not all over a guy like this? Forget all Group of 5 schools, how has USF not offered a guy with this much explosiveness in their own backyard?

At Largo, Edwards is teammates with 2020 athlete Jayion McCluster. McCluster is being recruited to most schools as a linebacker, but also plays running back. If any schools turn on McClusters tape and watch him as a running back, they will have no choice but to see Edwards as well.

When it comes to Miami, I cannot see anything happening here. I have made it pretty clear what I think of Edwards, but South Florida is just way too loaded in 2020 at WR. Miami already has three elite players committed and more already on the board that they are currently recruiting.