Uncle Luke finally has something nice to say about UM...


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Dec 22, 2011
Mario took care of our biggest concern when he hired Dawson and let him actually call plays he wants to run. So I think even the most staunch “lane guys” have to be coming around
Let's see him keep that same energy when/if Mario doesn't offer a ship to someone Unc thinks deserves it. I'll never forgive him over the Ryan Collins stunt.
Yeah, that was a low blow..... all because he didn't get what he wanted or thought was fair.
Luke is as loyal as an escort lol he's a parasitic opportunist. If Mario starts slipping he'll be the first to start throwing insults with racial undertones and start pushing kids to rival schools.

Haven't u guys seen this movie b4?
He called out staff's for not following up on their word. Now he's giving credit where credit is due. He gave then credit last year too, when he wasn't complaining about them helping central get national players.

Edit: Also, he doesn't "push kids to rival schools". He's a coach. His job is to get kids to the next level. He pushes kids to camp at as many schools that'll take them as he should. You expect him to just have kids stay at home with their dix in their hand if UM doesn't give them camp invites?
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While I don’t like some of the stuff he’s done - I think we can agree that the coaching staffs before Mario dropped the ball a lot and deserved criticism.

I am 100% behind the effort Mario is putting into the program. I think by the 25’ class we will see that the long game has paid off. Hopefully we won’t see talents like Cooper and Jeudy leaving anymore. Hopefully it’s not to late with Jeremiah Smith.