UM's team batting average is .206 ...

Jun 18, 2016
after last night's shutout loss to Florida Gulf Coast.

I've watched about a half-dozen games on line this season. Don't know if there's ever been a more feeble display of hitting from a traditional college baseball powerhouse.

We started the week 291st out of 295 teams in Division I in batting average. Not sure how this is even possible with our resources compared to the vast majority of programs.

I keep hoping we'll snap out of it, but we've already played 25 games.
The good news is that the guy who is responsible for (1) bringing those guys in, and (2) improving their hitting ability has already been promised the head coaching job.
It's practically unbelievable how bad the "veterans" on the team are hitting. Not a soul has gotten better in their time at UM. Heck, when Brandon Gali is one of your offensive juggernauts, you have some serious issues. The lone bright spots on the team are Greg Veliz with his pitching, and Romy Gonzalez. And they aren't exactly lighting the world on fire themselves.
Because....11.7 scholarships?

Or....because they gave 11.7 scholarships to the wrong guys....