Two honest Gator insights . . .


Jan 8, 2019
I think Mullet had the D easing up so I'm not sure how good they are on O. I've heard that Stiner isn't doing so well at Safety and they're already weak there. I think that a good chunk of their fanbase is over-confident about their DLine and RB room
Their DBs too.
Feb 7, 2013
Don't know don't care.

Was not trying to say Mullen is a way superior coach or did better against ranked teams.

Mullen's offense looked competent especially when compared to Richt.
About 100 other P5 offenses looked competent when compared to Ricks. It’s the sad truth.


Dec 4, 2011
OL as far as the tackle position is a concern due to just lack of game experience and also QUALITY depth on the OL. That seems to not have been answered this whole spring.

Put it this way.....

After Saturday’s showing, Mullen put the speculation to rest, saying the addition of a experienced offensive lineman was high on the team’s list of priorities.

“We still need to hit the road recruiting, because we are not complete at that position yet for this season,” Mullen said of the outlook regarding UF’s offensive line.

In my opinion, if we had to play a game today it would be:

LT: Stone Forsythe
LG: Brett Heggie
C: Nick Buchanon
RG: Chris Bleich
RT: Jean Delance

Internet chatter was/is that our David Reese, our MLB, his brother Stewart Reese is a starter along the Mississippi State OL and graduates this summer and that we may be a preferred destination for him.

Defensively, quality depth at LB and at CB (probably going to hope that. If #12 is EVER out there at CB, i'd fire whoever your OC is on the spot if they didn't throw at him everytime. He's not good. He tries, but he sucks. Our safties....they're good, but how can I put it, none of them has made me feel "secure" with them back there. Talented but inconsistent.

If you're bored....
That oline looks pretty damn pathetic, bunch of 3stars and low quality players


Jan 30, 2012
One thing that was a little concerning was that there was a few OL yesterday that we are looking to being players this year got absolutely owned at times yesterday. I counted Zuniga getting hugged atleast 3 times on one drive
Getting hugged? So sweet.