Tutorial: How to Use Spoilers

How do you do the opaque spoilers?
I think you have to add an I (as in “i”) before SPOILER with in each of the Parentheses so SPOILER would be ISPOILER in each.

Let’s see if it works:


Also, you cannot name the spoiler with this type. When I did that it didn’t work. You leave it blank and just press continue as follows:


Also, I’m not certain how @Andrew feels about these. The picture I attached is a normal picture. With a bunch of booty gifs strung together it might be different.
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They are wrong and this place is suffering for it.
I make a tutorial to help people and you derail it with your agenda.

This place is making more money than ever and that other board which decries censorship - that used to be owned by the owners here - isn’t. It actually costs this place money. You can do what you want there without restrictions apparently. Not here. It’s not what the owners want.

If that’s not good for you then find a Canes board that better suits you. It’s not changing as long as this board is supported by advertising dollars.
Boston College Athletics is going look like **** for the next decade.