Tidbits of the new 247 recruiting article?

Apr 16, 2019
I do agree we need one more DT. Riggins is a question mark for me.(Hopefully he can show something this year.) I like Moise. I think he will be a stud in college. Underrated. Wouldnt be surprised if Oline rumors are true though. Kid can do both at the next level. I think picking up a Jalen Carter/Elijah Roberts puts this class in a better position for 2020.

Let’s be Honest we are hoping for some miracles at LB. If we can land one of the big guys Flowe/Smalls somehow and fill in with 2-3 more plan b guys is considered great to me.

Guys I hope we (realistically) get:


Jul 5, 2017
Depth at linebacker didn’t cause to to loose 6 games guy. I’m fact it didn’t cause us to loose a single game. QBs that couldn’t find an open man and recievers that couldn’t catch along with terrible play calling and an unmotivated offense and terrible special teams caused us every single loss. So yea the problems on this team do fall on those guys.
This is my exact point. Let it go man, Richt is gone. It’s not his fault we don’t have any decent kids who want to come play lber here right now and only have 2 on the roster who have proven they are even ACC level starters. And in case you didn’t realize it, our old lber coach is now the HEAD COACH.


Feb 7, 2018
If we are being honest here.. DL AND LB recruiting is absolute joke right now.

We need at minimum 3 DTs. We have 2 committed. Moise is player but no one is for sure if he even will Defense at the next level.

Riggins: this is Robert burns but at DT.

We should be recruiting like mad at DT. Even if Moise stays at DT and Riggins miraculously never gets injured again you still have to land solid players.

If I’m a member of the staff I would be expecting Garvin to leave and Ruseuo to leave the following year. We don’t pay kids like Clemson does to stay.

Do I even have to bring up LB recruit? Yes. The staff struck out for 3 years straight. The LB core was all Golden croots.

Wilder and Steed are very unlikely to ever make an impact here.

We continue to recruit well one season and take off the next season. This **** has to stop. We also should be oversigning and cutting the dead weight.

Our current roster model is a recipe for disaster. Our most talented kids like to leave early for 4th round -undrafted. And our plan Cs like staying 5 years (Knowles).

This is why it always seems like we are rebuilding. It’s because we never build it right from the jump.
I strongly disagree about the D line recruiting. I think we do need 1 D tackle but Moise can for sure play DT. We have Anaele who’s very good committed as well. In the last 2 classes we are bringing in hunte, blisset, Holley, Riggins, Moise, Harvey, Williams, Anaele and we seem to be in position to add to that this class. I wouldn’t call DL recruiting a disaster with those kids on board.
Now LB recruiting has been laughable.