The QB Situation for 2020

Jan 27, 2019
A lot of posters on here would like to bring in a transfer QB to run what should hopefully be a much more up tempo spread offense. I don’t have an issue with bringing in a grad transfer however, most of the QBs in the portal who haven’t committed aren’t very good. Realistically King is the most proven player in the portal and I’m reading we’re not his first option.

If we have to roll with our current QB room, there are 4 QBs who’ve run a spread previously (Tate, Perry, TVD, and Matocha), I’m assuming JW won’t be on the roster come fall practice.

All of this under consideration who do you want to see run this offense? I know I’ll get **** for it, but I still think if Tate can run the offense he will be wildly entertaining. I know there are pros and cons to every QB on the roster so I’m curious where people stand.

D RevLee

Graduated from hungry, and made it to greedy
Jan 1, 2019
The dudes who hate Tate tend to forget what he put on tape at OSU in a similar offense. This offense also fits Kosi's strengths and I could easily see him starting. It's between them two if we don't bring in a GT. TVD is a pipe dream.


Redshirt Freshman
Jan 16, 2013
If we don't get a grad transfer give me Williams or TVD. I don't think Tate stands a chance. He'll get grief over it but if he ever wants a legit chance to play QB he needs to transfer.


Jan 18, 2016
Hopefully TVD can pick it up fast, the other three haven’t shown chit, maybe Machoa is better. Sounds like a good fit for Perry If they can coach him up, he was well behaved last year.