The past present and future of recruiting


When the U is on, there is nothing else like it.
Nov 26, 2014
Old video but really sheds light into the underworld of bagmen and recruiting. Around the 27:50 mark they talk about how recruits have learned that the most lucrative situation for them is to insight a bidding war between schools that are rivals i.e. Miami , FSU, UiF. So the price is driven higher. Probably what's happening when we get played by a recruit. They also mention that a bagmen NEVER pays the full amount up front for a recruit just in case said recruits changes his mind and burns them. They say the earliest you get on a recruit and make relationship with the matriarch or patriarch of the family the better.
It's all gonna come crashing down one day.

Only if the players get paid by the school which won't happen anytime soon. As long as you have kids from poverty and AAU and 7 on 7 squads, you will always have people getting paid. I know multiple friends who got paid one way or the other to go to a school and once they were in the school. It's too easy to get away with so why wouldn't these kids or families take the money?
Gotta love towards the end when they ask how it could be exposed and the answer was (paraphrasing) 'really, there is no way unless one of the actual boosters was ****ed off and really wanted to blow it up for the school.' Of course that only happens at Miami.