The official UF throws puss game 2


Redshirt Freshman
Apr 27, 2017
Brutal loss. McMahon nearly matched McKendry from last night and we have nothing to show for it. Much though I’m glad to see that we’ve rediscovered the homerun, we have to do a better job manufacturing runs than we have for most of last two nights. Goes without saying the bullpen needs to be better.

Jaromir Jagr

Oct 6, 2015
This was a game they let get away from them. The guy going for Florida tomorrow might be the best pitcher for Florida as well. I really like Leftwich. Getting one was nice, but you've got to beat the man to be the man.

Also, the best thing you can do is put Jagr on ignore. It made reading this thread so much more enjoyable.
This is just embarrassment talking. I have made “Lance Roffers” look like a buffoon for over a year now. Obviously he can’t take it, because blocking out the heat is what that kind of person does.