Apr 5, 2019
Canes Family, as you know I’m running for State Representative of District 109, and I need your support. During my five years here I’ve been dedicated to this family, even through my injuries. I didn’t want to make a profile and write on here about this because I know that this board is strictly for football. But as a former Canes player I need you, just like for the turkey drives. Help me, by donating whatever you can to my campaign. We are focused on Mental Health, Affordable housing, Gun Violence, Criminal Justice reform, and economic development. We have an incumbent whose been in office multiple times and cannot deliver for the people. I’m very confident that we will win and get the job done. But again I need your help, please help me. Thank you and God bless🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Love you guys! They say is Giving Day at the University.

Go to my website

I need your support, I need it really bad. That’s the only way we are going to get to our goal of raising money and win this election. Side not that’s my name that I created “playboy”.

Also know that Donell Harris and Anthony will be coming to the U.

Please support what I’m trying to do, donate anything you can, if you can. The support needs to be there like it was for the turkey drive. For my whole career even though I was hurt I gave you guys my all. Please give me your all “collectively” love you Canes fam. DM me on Twitter if you want to