so what's been your favorite game up to 2017?


Oct 18, 2014
born in 87 so I can only remember so much but:

03 vs uf would be mine

honorary mention to 01 washington
**** too many.... My favorite ones are..
FSU 94 and 2000
Washington 01

The one game that will always be special to me is that notre Dame game in 85
Something about the 2002 Miami vs FSU game has made it one of my favorite games. I remember stomping around my house telling my wife "understand 28-27, understand 28-27" over and over after FSU went up 27-14. I could probably think of some bigger wins or more important games but that game always stands out for me.
Way too many to name...

But I gotta go with Sugar Bowl vs UF & 02 Rose Bowl vs Nebraska.

Also Sean Taylor's legendary game vs FSU in 03 & Ed Reed's great game vs FSU in 01.

HM: Edges total domination of UCLA in 98.
87 season Sugar Bowl
89 ND
94 Georgia Southern
2000 FSU
2001 Rose Bowl
03 Florida was awesome. 04 Louisville also stands out to me for whatever reason - Hester's performance was on another level.
Miami vs uf 2004 at the chick fil a peach bowl. Remember going to that game like yesterday
I agree with a few above 09 FSU just sticks out to me I'll never forget that game.
I'm gonna go pre-1983 because there are too many since then to list.

1960 - First win ever over ND
1980 beating FSU on a failed 2 point conversion
1981 stunning(then #1 ) Penn State 17-14. The OB was electric.