Seymore on shutting down recruitment, Paradise Camp, and more


Feb 19, 2018
Glad we have this kid, so far. Tates athleticism is alittle underwhelming though but that can improve if drops some L Bs.


Feb 25, 2018
I already commented on this one but I'll say this too: This thread will probably get a few pages while 5 star dicknell gets multiple threads with a ton of pages. This kid deserves 100+ pages and more.


Jan 15, 2012
Big Baby Seymore is a throwback meaning he is all Cane and he isn't looking for "love" or any other superficial nonsense designed to stroke his ego like many of these South Florida primadonna front runners. He wants to be a Hurricane and that is that. No games. I'm not the least bit worried about Seymore flipping on us. Not going to happen. Also if he is right about Tate then this OL has an extremely bright future. A Miami with a dominant OL is a scary thought. Scary for our opponents that is.


Aug 2, 2014
Although he has been committed to Miami for over a year now, 2021 Miami Central 4-star OL Laurence Seymore made news late last month when he decided to go ahead and shut down his recruitment completely. Even though he landed offers from Oregon, Penn State, and Tennessee in the spring, Seymore is done listening to pitches from other coaches and taking visits to other campuses.

“It was great (to shut things down) because Miami’s the school I want to go to,” Seymore said. “Miami was the first to ever believe in me and Miami is in my blood. I was like, ‘I might as well go ahead and shut it down and let it be.’”

Like most of UM’s other commitments, Seymore last visited Miami just before the dead period for their annual Paradise Camp event.

“It was great because I got to meet some people that I really haven’t got to meet,” Seymore said. “I felt I did pretty good in the competition, I did great actually.”

As is tradition every year, Paradise Camp brings together some of the best talent South Florida has to offer. Who was one of the tougher defensive linemen to go against?

“I feel like Tyreak Sapp, we went back and forth in the 1-on-1’s,” Seymore said. “It’s his bull rush that’s tough. I thought that most of the time he would try to finesse me, but he tried to put in that work and bull rush me.”

Even though Seymore is considered a consensus 4-star recruit right now by the 247Sports Composite, Seymore still plays with a chip on his shoulder and feels he is being undervalued by some in the industry.

“Part of the camp was about proving myself,” Seymore said. “Rivals, they have me listed at tackle but I’m mostly a guard. They have me at 3-stars and some of the kids they have over me, some of them are overrated because I handled them no problem.”

Even though there have been a few decommitments lately, Seymore also gave his take on how UM’s class of 2021 is coming along.

“You lose some, you get some - that’s how it is,” Seymore said. “We still have a great class I feel.”

As of now, Seymore is the only offensive lineman committed in UM’s 2021 class. The offensive line as a unit can never succeed with just one guy, so the 6-2 295 pound prospect has been spending the past few months trying to surround himself with talent in the trenches.

“I’ve been trying to get Marcus (Tate) to commit,” Seymore said. “Right now, I think he’s just keeping his options open, but most likely he’s going to come to Miami.”



Mar 15, 2018
Great write up/interview. I know we have a great one in him and I believe he sticks. Hopefully he gets Tata to come as well.