Saturday 2/10 4PM ESPN - NC(-4.5) @ MIA


Sep 25, 2018
I’d have felt better has UNC beat Clemson.

Have to get Bacot in foul trouble or he is going to eat us alive. No George is my guess. That means more small ball. Wonder if Watson gets a shot. As to Wooga, he’s not 100 percent and that’s affecting his game.
Spread is down to UNC -3.5. Feels like easy money but who knows what version of this team we see today.
What do the sharks in Vegas know that we don't? I'd have thought UNC would be favored by at least 6 going into this one. As a Canes fan, I like the line. The fact that it opened up at -4.5 and moved down tells me they think homecourt is going to play a big part in this one. Let's hope they're right. GO CANES!!!
We need to look more inside on offense instead of just outside weave with no look inside

Stop having Norchad double-team outside as it will lead to easy baskets for UNC inside and get Norchad in foul trouble and/or tire him out

Where is the coaching this season? Very disappointed in such a veteran coach
This has all the potential to get ugly real quick on national TV.

Hate to say this but it is what it is nit good.
As bad as we have been I expect UNC to get our absolute best shot. They’ve struggled on the road and we are a dying animal cornered. We’ve said it plenty of times already but our season is ON THE LINE today. We lose this and we are burnt toast.
Well I know better than to go into this game with high expectations, but I just hope we don't embarrass ourselves and somehow pull off a win if we're lucky
I went to school at unf during birds of Trey era. At least those teams had real shooters. Watching this team jack 3 after 3 each game makes me LOL