Jul 24, 2012
I talked a lot last year about the guys on the team not looking like they were having a good time playing, not being aggressive, not playing loose. It's early, but this weekend I saw a team that was less concerned about how it all looked and more concerned with getting the job done. They didn't look stiff, and they weren't trying to do everything in a pretty-boy way. Lots of hustle, lots of dirt on the uniforms, and they all seemed to be having fun. I hope they keep this mindset up, even against UF this coming weekend. It's easy to keep that mentality when you're outclassing Rutgers, but tougher to do when you're playing a much more talented team on the road like we will be this weekend.

I hope that attitude keeps up - it might not win us a single game next weekend, but hell, if you're playing 50+ games of baseball in a season, you might as well enjoy it and have fun with it. In my experience, teams who are happier and want to be there to play every game are more likely to form good habits, and the more good habits you form, the better chance you have to win.