Rules Committee: Pants Above The Knees


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Jan 16, 2013
The NCAA rules committee is meeting up and these are some of the rules being proposed. I know a lot of guys on here are big fans of the pants higher up. Wondering what you all thought? Currently the rules only strongly recommend the knee pads to go over the knee.

I was surprised there was no mention of the targeting rule. So many times this year we've seen unfair ejections. I assumed this would have been re-worded a bit to provide some type of leniency with those.

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What's next? Outlawing black shoes/socks?
For me, as long as it's not mandatory crank above the knees, I'm good. Otherwise I would be a walking infraction.
Hurdling or leaping on FGs is illegal...? What does that mean? You can't jump over guys to get to the ball anymore?
This recruiting season my pants has stayed below my ankles. Hopefully the NCAA don't change that.
The targeting rule needs to be re-evaluated.. since we spend so much time trying to see if were throwing a player out for targeting we may as will make it an automatic review of the call if its ruled not targeting we should not only keep the player in the game but we should also pick up the flag. I feel we've been F*** by this rule so many times it would benefit us a lot