Remaining recruit tracker?

Here's a rough draft others can build off...

These are just HS recruits. Other than the first 2, I'll be waiting until NSD for announcements.

Announcing at the All-American Bowl (1/8/22)
Kevin Coleman
Cyrus Moss

Visiting weekend of 1/14/22
Dave Iuli
Jahlil Florence
Gracen Halton (?)

Visiting 1/28/22
Shemar Stewart
Christen Miller (??)
R. Mason Thomas (?)
Ahmad Moten

Reported to Be Visiting, Date Uncertain
Harold Perkins (Texas A&M commit)
Matthew McCoy

Josh Conerly - UM in top 6, playing in All-American Bowl, scheduled for Polynesian Bowl, no visit set
Trevonte Citizen - UM in top 7, playing in All-American Bowl
TJ Dudley - visiting other schools, mutual interest with UM unclear
Jack Pyburn - apparent growing mutual interest
Tajh Sanders - ESPN300 WR, has UM in top 5, mutual interest unclear
Darius Thomas - multiple unofficial visits in fall, but no official offer
Anez Cooper - recent offer
Thyler Williams - unofficial visit in the fall, but not looking warm