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Oct 3, 2017
Being at home will help to offset some 5 starters who are not going to play on SaturdayNo doubt a loud crowd will help but Vegas has already taken down the betting line from 7pts to 5 pts.So it would seem the many factors we all know by now does not point in our favor.And even if we don'thandle the option very well at first.What we have seen so far is a team with the heart of lions.What points to something coaches established in the Spring.You are the Miami Hurricanes and you have a standard to uphold.Bobby Bowden used to say we think we will win Miami knows they will win.So I fully expect this team to overcome the odds that are strikingly transparent going into this ballgame on Saturday.

One last thing in 83' we had some talent but we were often spurred on by a loud raucous crowd in the OB.Back then we might have had 45,000 at that game but we were crazy.We beat ND that day 20-0.That croud in other games as well helped a young inexperienced team gain it's way to Miami's 1rst Natl Champ against a Nebraska team considered the most talented of all time.

Every fan must cheer like your playing the game.If you have a voice after the game you Did not do your job.
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Jan 28, 2012
Was at that ND game. That was probably the first year I went to every game. Who would have know the final outcome of the season.