Recruiting Apparatus -discussion


Feb 13, 2013
Since as this came up in the Citizen thread, and back and forth with a couple people i needed to explain this. Someone said we don't get Louisiana players and blah blah. Yes, we miss out on most big players outside of the state before Mario Cristobal. Let me explain something. Bama, Now A&M, LSU, UGA, Ohio St. Etc etc They have national recruiting apparatus. What does that mean?

Lets use south florida for example, many schools come down here to get players. Do u think they just show up when the kids are juniors about to be seniors and start telling them, come to Taint, come to Bama etc? No. They have unofficial street agents, could be an influencer, sometimes even high school coaches on their pay rolls where they find creative ways to pay them, such as holding (coaches camp). These agents are in the kids ears, Fr, So, Jr. Bama is the place for u, Taint is the place for u. When the kids can officially contact the coaches and staff at said schools, they are already familiar with the school.

Kids in Florida, south florida even are more familiar with these schools than they are with Miami....previously. Thats what Mario is coming to change, first in south florida. But not only that, he will branch it out to other states, including Louisiana where we will have people in kids ears when they are jits. So JR year is not the first time they will hear about Miami since we wont be on their TV. Some of our coaches plain suck at recruiting and some of it was lack of resources.

So yes LSU will have main dibs at Louisiana top players but its not cuz they are from there, its cuz they put as much resources into recruiting in state players as outa state school do.

Earl Sr is a blabber mouth but when he says he as more contact with Saban than Manny Diaz, thats not cap. That should never happen with the top prospects in your area. So if you are doing that, you sure aint gonna go take top prospects from other people's area. The kids are already telling yall its way different than before and they are looking at Miami way different. Not bravado and social media slogans. Its infrastructure being put in place, how visits are taken, schedule consistent contact with recruits throughout. Not show up late and be like u from Florida, come to the U.

Players have left every state, Florida, Louisiana, California, Georgia abd gone elsewhere to schools that were on them. Bama and Auburn cant take every Bama players, UGA cant take every Georgia players, LSU cant take every Louisiana top players. But you have to be in position to get them if you are out of state.

Btw i know these schools also dropped bags on the top top recruits
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