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Recent Changes in 2022 Top Targets/High Choice Recruits


Apr 11, 2021
Not sure if this is allowed, but I've noticed some significant changes in the Targets list on the 247Sports (Inside the U) site. Notably:
-Within the last week, Bear Alexander, Sherrod Covil, Kaden Helms, Jaleel Skinner, and Markeith Williams have moved up into the Top Targets list.
-DeShawn Woods has moved up into High Choice. He was up there earlier this year; he then fell way down when it looked like he and UM had some sort of breakup and all the Nebraska kids were trending towards Arizona State. But now that Devon Jackson is OV'ing, both he and Woods are High Choice targets now (with Helms a TT).
-Zach Rice has gone from Top Target to High Choice. I was kind of wondering how long he'd stay in TT; he does not seem a realistic signing at this point.
-I believe that Rice is the first 2022 recruit to fall out of the Top Targets list since Terrance Gibbs a few months ago.

I'll take my asswhooping now.