Reason for optimism (sorta long)


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Nov 13, 2015
With this down period on hand in college football, poor attitudes regarding anything 2018 this early in the process, there is too much positive to be down and here's why....

Our recruiting class should be top 5 considering we will need:

1 QB, likely a 4 star recruit.

2 or more RB's, if we get lingard who is a top back in the nation plus another like Davis(from Dingles school) we will get back to richt's Georgia ways of 2 top backs in a's lookin at you Thomas brown.

We will likely take a FB that's ready to play, transfer/juco.

3-4 WR's, already have Wiggins, pope will likely be high 4 star and I consider him in already with Cooney, add 1-2 more don't care who.

Likely to get a TE that is national elite, reasons being that Herndon is gone, Njoku is a potential first rounder, We are TE U, we should get first choice here, see Nevada TE, might even get 2 here.

At least 3 OL, and I pray that we can at least get 1 elite LT body, getting a plug n play Tackle is ideal with other solid depth guys. hopefully low 4 star high 3 star, see Gaynor type and Hillary type either high upside or underrated, plus we already have a top guard committed in Scaife.

2 DE's min., and I have no worries here, likely to get elite rushers due to our freshman playing, kool coaching and our attacking DL. I have no doubt we are going to get elite recruits here each year regardless of rankings while Kool is around.

2-3 DT's, we will finally stop asking the question, " but can he play DT?" We are going to likely retain 2 of our top 5 DT's on the roster after this year(I hope more) but early PT is going to be the calling card and again with our Defensive style and Kool I can see us taking national elite here, don't care who just trust in Kool. I can realistically see a situation like Squad 17's DE's (Johnson and Garvin) we know we will get a national beast but also a So Flo beast with less hype, my hope is 2 beasts(Johnson) and 1 so Flo(Garvin).

5 DB's, we are going to get an elite class even if it's by default, too many in the back yard to miss this year, all are rated already in the mid to high 90's by 247, with an ideal pull of Jobe, Blades Jr., Hall, Frierson, Campbell, we will likely hold onto Ivey making an ideal class of 6! But if we miss or get a "Surtain" surprise, there are at least half of a dozen acceptable other options in so Flo alone, let alone anywhere else, see Samuel Jr., it will be impossible to say Rumph failed in '18.

K, we will need a kicker, PT of course here, plus Miami weather and a good season and should get an elite prospect.

That leaves a class of 23-24 players and we will likely look to add 3-4 more, either LB's (which we should take one maybe 2 but not a need to me this year unless they are elite, 2019 will be the LB class) athletes like flipping Xavier Williams please, and any other players at any position that are elite, least of all are juco day 1 contributors. That would leave us with a max class of 28. This is the year to use our extra schollies if there was any year, especially with all of the national talent coming from home. That's why I see the coaches now aren't worried about the '17 class not being full, because 2018 is loaded in our favor.

Needless to say, be optimistic Gents because 1 year from now we are going to have a top 5 class across the services, definitely top 10, but most likely top 5, I honestly could see a top finish in '18 considering the rankings our targets already have! Any way......

What do y'all think?
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I think periods are good.

I think it all depends on the play on the field. Have a good season and I agree this is a top class.
I agree with play on the field but I don't know that it has to be 11-1 or 10-2. I think 9-3 plus a bowl game win gets a class like this, anything better and I see more of the elite out of state options opening up, I think this is a can't miss recruiting year for MIA.

Because if we go 9-3 with a freshman QB and a new years bowl, why wouldn't you want to jump on that wagon and get possible early PT for a young up and coming roster?
Good write-up... Definitely need to add a minimum of 2 LBs ever year... as they and the safeties are bone crushers on special teams