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Aug 10, 2016
I always wondered how does an early signing period really helps recruiting? Doesn't that put more pressure on the coaches during the season heading into the most critical part of the football schedule?

Since they are about to vote on this who's in favor or not in favor of this?
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Its more for players like Deejay, where both sides are 100% sure they want each other, so they just go ahead and sign and get it over with.
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I may be wrong on this but i believe part of the proposal was to have official visits available during the summer months so i'm sure maybe not initially but eventually a large part of recruiting will shift to the summer vs january. 7on7 coaches are salivating as we speak.
This should probably be moved to the recruiting board. There's obviously pros and cons to having one. It would suck for coaches and programs to sign a kid, and then that kid could stop working as hard as they would or that kid could not develop like you thought and end up being stuck with him. But it could probably lead to less stress on coaches to have a kid locked up and not have to worry about if he's going to flip.

Could be good for the type of kids who get dropped at the last minute by schools who tell them that they don't have space anymore. But it could also be bad for kids...what if they sign early and promises are broken or their position coach leaves, etc. Coaches would also be pressuring kids to make decisions before they are ready to.

Early signing period would also be bad for late bloomers...but for smaller or less prestigious football schools it would be good, because they would end up landing some of those late boomers.

I personally and maybe selfishly prefer an early signing period. But who knows what should be done, but I think we can all agree the recruiting process could probably be improved.
It works in basketball, it can work in football.

The coaches would just have to be more direct with who they REALLY want. And kids would need to pick their spots earlier, or they would risk losing them.

If a kid commits, but won't sign early ... That's a HUGE red flag. And the same with coaches chasing a kid, but not giving them the ability to sign early.

I like the idea, and I hope it happens.

And yeah ... An unintended consequence is some of those smaller programs will land some late bloomers. But more likely, the top programs will have some spots open for those kids.
IMO. It helps schools like us that evaluate and jump on kids early. We can probably lock them in before some of the poachers come in trying to feast off our evals.