Primetime Highschool Football Tonight


Nov 4, 2015
The State Championship Bowl Series was played in 2014, and IDK about 2015 I must have missed it.

2014, the Series was hosted by Burger King (Burger King State Championship Bowl Series) where they had 3 Florida State Champions play against State Champions from 2 other states.

2014 Matchups:
Trinity Christian(FL-3A) vs Eastside Catholic(Wash-3A)
Miami Central(FL-6A) vs Bothell(Wash-4A)
Miami BTW(FL-4A) vs Bingham(Utah-5A)

In 2014, there were supposed to be more games, involving the following(FL) schools:
Apopka - 8A
St Thomas - 7A
American Heritage(Plant) - 5A

But the 3 above declined, which led to only 3 games in the series. In addition, a number of states, including California, Ohio, Michigan and Alabama, have rules preventing teams from playing beyond the state playoffs. Georgia has a bylaw preventing bowl games. Schools in Texas already play 16 games to win a state title so the state association has been reluctant to sanction additional games.

All of the games were played on ESPNU, utilizing FAU's stadium in Boca Raton. In the 2014 series, all the FL teams won their match ups, with the headliner game (BTW vs Bingham) ending in a 4th Quarter comeback, and was a great finale to the whole event.

Now, in 2016(Like I said, IDK about 2015)...
The bowl series is being sponsored by Geico instead of Burger King. Can not find any info on what teams were invited or anything like that...but this year St Thomas actually DID accept the invitation, along with Bingham from Utah accepting again.

St Thomas(FL) vs Bingham(Utah) will be at 8:30PM tonight.
Chandler(Arizona) vs Valdosta(GA) will be at 5pm this afternoon.

Those are the only 2 matchups this year, and both will be played at "Ford Center", which is located in "The Star"...a huge facility in Frisco, Texas that houses the indoor practice facility for the Dallas Cowboys. It is also the headquarters for the Dallas Cowboys.
They'll find anyway possible to make a dollar off an amateur athlete. Of course STA will be playing.
I live in SLC and Bingham has won 2 or 3 state championships in a row . Los of very good Polynesian kids . Will be fun to see how they stack up.
I expect Bingham to be stout up front as they have a lot of Samoan players, well coached, but be lacking at the skill positions. I think STA will be better at every position and have too much depth for Bingham.
I saw the game a few years back with Booker T against Bingham. Do not sleep on these Utah kids. Booker T beat them but it was a battle. The run a power running offense and they just lined up and ran it down Booker T's throat. They have some athletes at the skill positions but not in terms of numbers like STA.
Sta should roll. My buddies friends coaches at bingham and he said they weren't prepared for the speed when they played BTW a couple years ago. Doubt much has changed