Post Game Thoughts - From England lol


Redshirt Freshman
Nov 7, 2011
Never thought id say this but... breakout day from Langham 5 catches for 100 yards...

Homer, although maybe lacking in 'WOW' factor that Walton had, definitely does not lack speed or toughness... Really had a damn nice day... 20 carries for 170 and a TD...

Personally, I am pretty disappointed Choc only got TWO carries! He should have had about 10 to lower the load on Homer, but I realize we were playing from behind for most of the second half so his running style is not exactly useful in that situation. If we are ahead, and want to dictate the pace of the game, you put Choc in.

Took WAY WAY WAY too long to neutralize this ****-stain offense known as the triple option... I dont know who you put it on but I am getting tired of spotting teams a full half of football before Manny gets everyone adjusted!

Ok, yes- do they get everyone adjusted at half time? Yes! But why cant we start a game in the correct scheme and intensity on Defense? I dont get it!

Linebackers have been lack-luster... secondary is a real problem vs an actual passing team. Pickney can afford to cut back to his freshman weight.

Would like to hear an actual, formal apology from Richt for the onside kick. WTF was he thinking... game woulda been totally different without that.

Really happy to be on the good side of these cardiac games this year with my Cardiac Canes.... but lets sort this **** shall we?


Nov 5, 2011
I'm sure Richt had the onside kick practiced. The kicker just blew it.

Very cool you were able to follow the game from England!