Podcast with Gilbert Frierson

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Peter Ariz

All American
Jun 12, 2012
In this edition of the CanesInSight podcast presented by CanesWear, I am joined by Miami DB commit Gilbert Frierson. I also discuss Spring Football headlines and the latest with Miami's 2018 class.

Just trying to my gear for up here in Detroit on sale since I got fired. Ebron reminds me everyday how gave it to me dry.
Love Gilbert as a safety prospect. I know there are rumblings about him at CB, but he seems like a special Safety prospect. Seems to be slept on a bit among our DB targets. Probably because he doesnt seem to be a camp warrior
Great Podcast...

It sounds like Richt has high hopes for Perry & he's looking for a guy who he thinks can go head to head with him in the Fall.

I think Allison will take the lead in the Spring & we'll see how things unfold by August.

Also, gonna be a lot of disappointed Moore fans based what you said after the Frierson interview.
Anybody else think it's a bad sign if the guys who have had a year or more to practice and get used to the system can't beat out a kid who rolls in this fall? It's great if Perry can come in and dominate, but if he wins the spot I'd imagine it has more to do with our other guys than him.