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PODCAST: The Cali to Miami Connection ft. Jaden Rashada

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Feb 21, 2020
After listening, I want to feel good about this recruitment....but we really need Oregon to get their QB in the class before I can feel like Rashada will be ours. They will be our stiffest competition.

His comments on the BYU visit IMO was telling in how he values family...which to me says that the move to Miami might be our biggest obstacle.

If I had to guess who the Top 5 would be I'd say (in order of favorites): 1A Miami-1B Oregon, #3 Ole Miss, #4 BYU, and #5 TBD.

What's good for us is that most QBs prefer not to go into the season with recruitments ongoing for two reasons: Difficult to focus on their senior seasons, and two, and most importantly, QBs have a good idea of where they want to go and waiting too long will likely result in their favorite school receiving a commitment from another player.....the better teams in CFB will try to have their QB locked up during spring and summer.

So all in all, by time fall practice starts, I'd imagine that we know where Rashada will be playing in 2023.


All American
Oct 12, 2011
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Section 102
Dec 30, 2015
Seems like a pretty sharp dude. The kind of kid who enjoys playing but still takes it seriously.


Jan 30, 2012
Smart kid clearly a leader. I hope Gaddis can land him soon. So much talent.

I did a Google search on his background because his accent seemed more Texan to me than Bay Area. But he’s been in Pittsburg CA his whole life apparently. I read that he was ready to move to IMG during the Covid shut down in Cali couple years ago, even flew out to live at school before returning to Pittsburg at the last minute. His whole family had made that decision. So I don’t think distance is going to be an issue. It’s definitely coming down to what’s best for him from a career and happiness perspective.

He sounds incredibly close to his high school friend and wide receiver Rashid Williams. Any chance that relationship pays off or hurts us in any way? Package deal? I see we’ve given him an offer too.