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PODCAST: 2022 Transfer Portal Additions ft. D$


Feb 19, 2018
Great breakdown of the transfers. The most eye opening comment was 8 to 9 more transfers. Idk how the numbers play out but dam that's alot of new blood.

Has to be Dorlus and Jones.


Jan 30, 2012
MOAR transfers! Loved the discussion, especially the last few minutes where @DMoney said he thought we were only halfway through the portal transfers and he could see a lot more to come.

D, you were a lot more honest about your player assessments than I believe I've ever heard you. You usually wear double-thick O&G glasses. But I feel the same way about guys like Parrish, Moultrie, Lichtenstein, and Porter. All kids that are critical in adding valuable depth but aren't going to separate us from other teams. Hopefully Ladson and Sagapolu are more breakthrough players and stay healthy.

And please, please, please be right about those blue chippers who are talking the talk but have yet to walk the walk and enter the portal and sign with Miami. We need some transformational guys to come aboard like Rambo, Phillips and King in the past. This time especially at MLB, RT and Rush End.