Player development


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Nov 2, 2011
The next time you hear someone bring up player development at Miami just point to our three freshman All Americans and the highly recruited players who finally showed promise this season.

Al Golden is gone and Mark Richt and staff have a proven track record to make sure these guys come in and produce at their full potential. Coach Kool, Diaz are not ******* around.

If you want to negative recruit Miami you best talk about something else because the Golden days are over. I may not be sold on play calling but Im **** sure we got the right staff at Miami to get the most out of our players which means more wins for Miami and more money when the NFL come calling
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And yet McShîtty wants to play TE at F$U and you've got Harley begging for a Gayturd offer. Must be the recruiting that's a fail.
If we have coaches who can evaluate and develop well, it gives us many more players available each year who can be productive.

With the way the 3 LBs, Jackson, Young, etc. played in their first year, I'm definitely optimistic....

And Colbert did a really nice job as a grad transfer, too. Always lots of good DBs in Texas - second only to Florida....