Pitt Game 2


Apr 11, 2018
He did show a willingness to hit the ball the other way in Pitt game 3 where hit a double to the left center field gap. I was very encouraged. I just wish he'd take that approach 100% of the time because he's quick enough to reach the inside pitches.

He needs to let the ball "get deep." That allows a split second more time for pitch recognition. Hopefully he has begun to realize that outside pitches are hit from the middle back of the plate not in front of the plate like inside pitches. That's why he looks silly on curveballs. He's trying to hit the ball out in front of the plate every time. That's when the curveball starts to drop and he's way out in front and misses the ball by 6 inches.
I agree. Who knows what the coaches are asking him to do though. DiMare may have told him he wants him to hit as many homeruns as he can regardless of batting average (Ex: Joey Gallo). If he doesn't learn to use the whole field and recognize off speed pitches better, he will get picked apart by the better pitchers in the ACC. I have to commend him for improving this year though, he has increased his batting average, OBP, and more than doubled his SLG % from last season.