Phillips declares


Jun 21, 2018
He’s higher on some draft boards than Greg. It’s a no brainer so I won’t fault him at all. Players really only stay if they feel like the team can do something (win the natty) next year.
That's the comical part, if he's rated higher than jock rousseau, no way I'm taking phillips over rousseau, rousseau has way more athleticism and played much better than phillips as first time starters. I'm happy for both of them, it's funny that they'll going in the same draft.

In my opinion, development wise he could've use another year, he was getting better at playing the run, against UNC and Clemson, he kept falling for the same okie doke. But if somebody's going to pick you in the 1st round, it's not a bad move. Both of them, jock rousseau and phillips have the ability to be franchise type defensive players, shouts out to coach feely for the work he did with Rousseau's foot injury and bringing phillips to the physical level he was able to get to, as well as the work that coach feely and his crew have continued to do. It was weird that our players kept getting those career ending injuries under the last crew, not saying their is a correlation because i don't recall that happening at UGA, but it was interesting. We had at least 3 players ho down like that.

Here's what cam needs to ask himself, are you better than etienne...........if not, than you know what to do, you are on nobody's radar, not even a 1st, 2nd or 3rd team ACC back, there is nothing to think about, if you can't beat the competition at UM, what makes you think you gone go to the NFL and beat out those guys.


Carolina Cane
Sep 5, 2016
GR15 opting out cost us twice man. Without that, I think Phillips comes back due to lack of tape...

That DLine gonna be very different without an elite DE like we've had this season and last...