Pete's Interview with Berrios from 4 years ago.


Oct 27, 2012
One of the first things people notice about Berrios is that he is always wearing a big gold chain around his neck, no matter the scenario. He even wore it when he came down to Miami and competed at the Al Golden Football Camp. “It’s just me. I like jewelry and I like gold, so why not wear a gold chain? The only time I really take it off is when I’m playing. If I dress up, it’s on the outside of my shirt and underneath the tie. Everyone has something about them and I have the chain.”

Berrios is as confident as they come on-and-off the field. He feels like his personality will fit in perfectly with the city of Miami and the school.
“You’ve seen the 30-for-30 on The U, right? Well that’s why they say is he a ‘football player’ or is he a ‘Miami guy’ and I’ve always felt like I’m a Miami guy. I think I fit in perfectly with how we play. ..... The city of Miami runs on energy and I think I have enough of it. You don’t wanna go somewhere where you have to change your style as a person or anything so I’m excited to get out there, be myself, and play with my boys.”