Pete, is Burns-signing a sign of things to come?


Jan 21, 2016

So Burns just signed...I understand the rules/dates regarding February signees but since Burns has signed will other EE's be signing now or soon?

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Most of the EEs have signed but I don't have a full list of who has signed. All that they sign is the financial aid agreement and once they enroll it becomes official. Different than signing day papers that completely bind them to the school.

Here is the EE list I posted and obviously Burns is now good to go. Jonathan Garvin is also in. I haven't heard of any issues with the others so the rest should be good to go.
[MENTION=4648]Pete[/MENTION]rariz did Richt try to structure his classes at UGa so that the majority of guys were EEs? Or, is the large number here a sign that he thinks he needs the young guys to play right away? Thanks again for the site and the work!
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