Pass Rushers which ones are high on us?

Charlton, Chatfield, and Head...We haven't offered any of them just yet...Someone prob works their way to an offer. Not sure we don't need to see more with Bonitto either. May not have a commitable offer either.

We have offered Jonathan King from Tampa who looks like the goods. Would take that kid in a heartbeat. Lightning off the snap.
Bonitto is interested? first I´ve heard of it. I doubt they need to see more of him. Instaoffer imo. Prob a LB. Get him and Joyner and call it a day.

Just wondering because Bonitto's production was so/so and even though a college weight room would help, he just seems like he will have trouble putting on weight. I think his stock was still high, but may have been higher a year ago?
**** this staff has some tough decisions to make! This class is ridiculous at every position. I want Chatfield but **** these offers are competitive.