OT- Ray, Rogan, & Batali

First off I don't know why ole boy won't cut his hair , he has a pony tail and nothing on top. Let go bruh.

Back to the subject . Rohan was one of my favorite canes ever, dude was a heat seeking missile. He was so small but still brought the boom, literally used everything he had to blast someone.

I remember before a big game ( pretty sure ND ) he was interviewed. We had lost earlier in the year and he was talking like this was life or death. Ro was almost tearing up he was so emotional. When I saw that I knew it was on.

Marley played with more heart and passion than any Cane I've seen.

Love the dude.
Molto Mario was my favorite show on the Food Network many years ago. Canes are far more interesting and astute then those hillbillies from the sec