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Dec 29, 2013

Forde's/Thamel's big LIE
"(Miami)...but the school assailed the NCAA investigative process and the sanctions were mitigated."

As usual, Pat Forde's giant schnozz overpowers his intelligence...From the Miami Herald:

“But the (NCAA) investigation was significantly weakened after it emerged that the NCAA had paid Perez $18,325 for her help in questioning witnesses in Shapiro’s bankruptcy case — evidence that was used in the association’s probe of UM’s football and basketball programs.

In 2011, Perez used her subpoena power in the bankruptcy case to compel the deposition testimony of Michael Huyghue, the founder of a Shapiro-funded sports agency alleged to have paid cash gifts to athletes. She used the same tactic, the Florida Bar found, with former team assistant equipment manager Sean Allen, who had worked briefly for the sports agency.

The NCAA had no subpoena power, and neither witness had any obligation to talk to the association.

Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Norma S. Lindsey, the referee in Perez’s ethics case, cited her undisclosed work on the NCAA’s behalf and its secret payments to the lawyer as the basis for her professional violations."

Assailed? Hardly. More like exposed the corruption and bias of the NCAA.

Oh, in the current basketball case, NO Miami coach has been charged and no proof has been forthcoming...Unlike Forde's BFF Pitino, who is fired and could be looking at fed penitentiary time. Luckily for Pitino, Forde's GIANT nose has been so far up his butt for so long, prison will be a relief.
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