OT: Netflix Home Game - Calcio Storico


Redshirt Freshman
Nov 29, 2017
Bad ass, would love to see it live!
Agreed. I love watching rivalries that matter more in the local community than in the national perspective (i.e. the Egg Bowl or even something like Sam Houston State vs. Stephen F. Austin, for example). It's one of the reasons I love college football more than the NFL, or most other leagues for that matter. Those regional rivalries really matter in college football. Soccer is full of that kind of rivalry all over the world, too. Real Madrid vs. Barca is fun and all, but I'd rather go to Hearts vs. Hibs in Scotland and experience the local significance. The Calcio Storico stuff is a different level of crazy though. I had seen / read about it before, but I watched the Netflix episode yesterday too. Awesome. Exactly the kind of thing I'd like to see in person. On my bucket list for sure because it's so unique and locally significant.