OT - Ivy League Spring football considered


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Jan 27, 2013


Nov 6, 2011
Who said anything about blowing up the NFL's business model? If the NFL can push back the draft some on a 1-time basis, change training camp start dates, but still begin the preseason and regular season on time, they'd explore that (and the potential financial ramifications). If the NFL can exert pressure on the NCAA to have its football season finished by early March (potentially with a half Fall, half Spring set up) they may well do that.

The NFL will do what it believes is in it's best financial interest. But the League absolutely wants college football to proceed as usual.

As far as sitting out, it is one thing to sit out when you are a projected 1st/2nd round pick. It is an entirely different animal for the majority of players who are still counting on this season to prove themselves and move up improve their resume for NFL teams.
Correct on your last paragraph. I think it’s funny how few people realize that the vast majority of draft eligible players need a good season in order to actually get drafted. Sure, there are a handful of guys that don’t. But that’s very few. Most of these guys need to go out and play well to get their shot.

Also, believe it or not, most of these guys really like playing their sport and want to go out and compete. 99.9% of athletes of all ages play sports because they want to. Not because they are or ever will get paid.


May 17, 2013
Ivy league football is a treasure that has to be protected. If we miss the chance on getting one fitzmagic to the league its a god dammed travesty!
Actually I am okay with their football. It is their communist attitude and indoctrination that bothers me. There was a time they were outstanding institutions of higher learning that taught critical thinking and open minds but those days are long since gone.
Feb 7, 2013
Impeccable timing. Students and alumni just received an email from the university president moments ago, and the Ivy I went to just announced. We are 100% having in person classes this fall. The semester starts September 2 and move-in instructions to come within the next couple weeks. Move-ins to take place over an extended period to allow for virus screening and initial quarantining of all students.

The difference this year will be an extended winter break. The spring semester will resume Feb 9th - a full month later than usual and conclude the end of May.
A lot of schools in the Northeast are going this route. The other thing is, in person classes end during Thanksgiving break, classes resume online for a couple of weeks til December/Christmas break... then return back for second/spring semester in Jan/Feb 2021
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