OT: How to insert GIFs

You can click on the Gif icon above the text box for a post and search for one. On mobile you might have to tap one of the 3 dots to see it. If you are inserting a gif you have saved, click the insert image icon. If you are on a laptop/pc, you can simpliy drag and drop it into the text box.



Also, if it's from a web source, type the url address of the image and put it between the image bb code "img" between [ ] and "/img" between [ ]

It will look like this (minus the strike through lines): [img]url goes here[/img]

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Have no kdea what I need to do to post a gif here. Can anyone kindly provide instructions ? thanks!
At the bottom of every post page, there is an “attach files” box. Click on it and another box will pop up with the options

Photo Library
Take Photo
Choose files.

I always use Photo Library but you have to have saved a pic/gif to your photo library. When you click Photo Library, the photo library from your device should pop up. Click on the saved pic/gif you want to post and it should put a check in the pic/gif with an add option in the top of the library. Click the add box and it will add it to the post box.

Once your pic/gif loads into the post box, a box is inserted in the top right corner of the pic/gif. When you click on that box, it gives you another option to make your pic/gif the proper size and eliminates the description of the image.

Hope that helps and don’t hesitate to ask if you need more help.
Click the Gif button as seen below in the reply box where you type your posts and the gif catalog will pop up where you can search and select from 1000s of gifs. Once you select one, it will appear in your reply


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