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Jan 30, 2012
Other than being 1.00 being a shiny psychological level what actual fundamentals of the coin say it should reach that level? I've seen this 1000 times in crypto in altcoins, classic pump n dump. Super happy for you if you're in the money but make sure you take some profits on the way up. If you want to let some ride and pray for 1.00 on some crazy short squeeze.
I think folks know it’s never going to be btc or even etherum , nowhere close, but it’s now being accepted by some companies. It just has a limited ceiling , like I said it’ll never be the crypto’s above but it’s more than what it was intended to be or what it was viewed as. I just bought some for craps and giggles and made some money.

The same experts that was laughing at this and mocking it are now saying a dollar by the end of the year and could even go higher into 22”. At one point these guys said there was no chance of it reaching twenty cent , then thirty cent , then 40 cent. Which is the only point I’m making.

I’ve cashed out what I put in and now it’s all house money. I have nothing to lose here , that’s how most should handle it.


Nov 2, 2011
I think it's ceiling is $5, though some say $10.

I have my early retirement planned if it hits $5

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