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OT: Cam Akers soliciting a gf on Twitter


All American
Dec 19, 2013
I'm telling you. You want to know who are lowkey...Clinton portis and edgerrin James. You wouldn't think it..but I've been in clubs with those 2...and they dont even doVIP, and they weren't popping bottles either lol.

I'm laughing because the typical thots in the club were all over the dudes in VIP section who likely worked at office depot but were blowing there check.on a section..while the millions aires were literally standing with the regular folks baby sitting bottle water and cups of likely henny

I heard that bout Edge, bro. I’m glad to hear that bout both dudes, though.

And yeah, these chicks easily fall for dudes in the VIP lounge, when a lot of these cats be broke. Lol. I knew this one dude who would rent luxury cars just to flex & smash...but then wonder why these chicks ghost him when they find out he was a regular 9 - 5 ninja, driving a Nissan Maxima (not that there’s ANYTHING wrong w/ Maximas...but u can’t pull up in a Porsche 911 Turbo, then show up in a Maxima. Lol)