Soccer Orlando City game - absolute insanity


All American
Dec 22, 2011
Watch SportsCenter tonight.

Orlando City scored in the 4th minute. NYCFC scored shortly after that. From there on out, it was a slugfest.

So Orlando City got a red card in the 88th minute. There were 10 minutes of added time. Still tied.

They go to 30 minutes of extra time. Between extra time and added time, Orlando City played 45 minutes with a man down.

During extra time, the idiot ref gives the Orlando City goalkeeper a yellow card for "time wasting" (he actually set the ball down for a free kick farther ahead than he should have).

So the shootout starts, NYCFC is up first. NYCFC's best player hits the crossbar on the first shot. Orlando City hits the first, and then the next three, while NYCFC hits the next three.

So it's 4-3 going into the 5th round. Orlando City's goalkeeper blocks the shot, the game is over, the OCSC coach runs into the tunnel. Not so fast. The ref decides to look at replay, and apparently the goalkeeper shuffled his back foot slightly, and the ref calls encroachment. Which is an automatic yellow card. Which, as the second yellow, turns into a red card.

So the ref calls everyone back, NYCFC gets a second chance on their 5th shot. The insanity continues. OCSC, which has one substitution remaining, sends in their backup goalkeeper. He's in the goal, the NYCFC player is ready to take the shot...and the ref keeps talking to the booth. So then the ref says that OCSC can't make a substitution. One of the center backs puts on a no-name goalkeeper jersey and runs on to the field. Then the ref allows the backup goalkeep to come on the field. Then he changes his mind again and says the center back has to play goalie.

So the center back goes into goal, and the NYCFC player hits his shot. So all OCSC has to do is hit the 5th shot, and Nani is up. He's the one who scored in the 4th minute on a penalty kick. And the NYCFC goalie finally guesses right and blocks the shot.

They move to the 6th round. The OCSC center back gets beaten again, and then OCSC scores again.

Seventh round...the OCSC center back makes a great save, and the referee loses track of the score and decides that Orlando City has won. Quickly, he realizes his mistake and calls everyone back on to the field, as OCSC needs to score to win.

Orlando City sends up Benji Michel, who grew up in Orlando and went to Montverde Academy. He nails the shot to FINALLY win the game for OCSC.

Absolutely nuts. I was there at the game, so the entire crowd had no freaking idea what was going on.

Hopefully New England will beat Philly on Tuesday and Orlando City will get at least one more home game.

Longest soccer game I've ever seen.