One thing I want to see improved


Nov 3, 2011
I wish there would be a 'rule' on our team that you can't run out of bounds. Game after game this year I've seen Benjamin run out of bounds on kick returns or catches, Miller is quick to shy from contact all day. I guess it's more of a team mentality. Watching this LSU v Ala game you can tell the players want to hit on each snap. I remember Edge said one time that every yard was $. Instead we avoid the possibility of gaining yardage and hitting people. Moving forward Richardson, in particular, has to get Miller to adapt that way of thinking.


Staff member
Nov 4, 2011
I dont know if its that they are afraid or dont want to hit... I just think the coaching staff has emphasized the **** out of being safe and not turning the ball over which we have improved 10 fold. Lets see if we can finish with an undefeated season here, 8 wins with this defense as well as winning a bowl game to make 9 would make this, IMO, the most succesfull season we have had since 2004