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Nov 3, 2011
Personal attacks
Again, show me the day Miami fans financially support this program the way alumni from state schools break out the checkbooks in droves—and you'll see an administration forced to build a football factory and winner.

Georgia just dumped $200,000,000 into their program—year two after Kirby was hired; losing a national championship and an SEC title—as they're way to get a competitive advantage on Alabama. Recruiting budget was raised to $7M annually; most in the nation now — and much of this is being DRIVEN by alumni dollars.

They signed up, 1,100+ new members to their Magill Society in 2018; each member on the hook for AT LEAST $25K—totaling $27,500,000 minimum.

Miami barely has a stadium 2/3 full and has fans threatening to boycott games, while running GoFundMe campaigns to fly dumb banners.

Y'all keep arguing in circles here, but never address the fact that as a private school with a small alumni base and fan base mostly made up of people who didn't attend UM, you simply don't get the financial support and backing the way you do those who are the alum of a university.

Most fans follow the Canes like a pro sports franchise and just check out / put their interests elsewhere when the team is garbage—whereas alum of these football factories have power in money and monster donations that will sway the direction things go.

No, Miami isn't hat-in-hand and a poor program—but there is a massive difference between state schools with 40K undergrads every year and massive alumni basis that donate money, versus a private school with about 12K undergrads, in a diverse, metropolitan city / non-college town. Night and day.

The admin will "care" when more people stop shouting on message boards and actually do something with their wallets.


Dec 22, 2011
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