Offensive Side of the Ball 2017


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Nov 24, 2015
It's a shame that because of the lack of playmakers on Offense and the inability to recruit players at glaring positions of need (WR), it looks as if we will waste what very well might be a terrific defense depending on the secondary play. I would love to be wrong, but I doubt Kaaya comes back when he sees that besides Ahmmon Richards, there really isn't a RELIABLE offensive weapon for him to throw to (maybe Herndon, but Berrios and Cager haven't shown much, regardless of the former's misuse). I'm also assuming Njoku is going pro. We are set at QB recruiting, but both Perry and Weldon probably need a year in the weight room and to master the playbook.

Mark Walton, Homer and potentially McFarland if he isn't redshirted is a great RB trio IMO, but the offensive line must get better and there is only so much you can teach the current players. OL recruiting was huge this year in 2016-2017, and while Dykstra and Gaynor are solid players, they aren't plug and play guys like Donaldson. Herbert and Slaton are, as Pete stated, must gets. They may not be Day 1 starters but definitely have the capability of contributing immediately. If those two don't come, we might very well see the better foes we face (or even sh*tty ones like Notre Dame) bullying our O-line around.

Richt will for **** sure earn every penny trying to enhance the talent (or lack thereof) we already possess, but what seemed like a positive recruiting trend the last few months has quickly dissipated and the so-called dead period has brought nothing but gloom and disappointed posters like me.

Wishing everybody a Happy New Year and Go Canes
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Why? just because I voiced my opinion about our coaches struggling to recruit players in our own backyard and how it will affect the team?

No, not just because you voiced your opinion about our coaches struggling to recruit players in our own backyard and how it will affect the team. There's several other reasons.