Off-Season Flashback - 2010 CFB Season


Nov 4, 2015
Random "round about" information about the 2010 College football season with some familiar names.

-The 11 win VT team that beat FSU for the ACC Championship, was led by Tyrod Taylor. They were actually a top 5 caliber team, who lost to a top 5 caliber team in Boise State to open the season. VT also lost to #5 Stanford to close the season (bowl game).

-The Stanford team was led by Andrew Luck and Jim Harbaugh.

-The Boise St team was led by Kellen Moore, they finished the season 12-1. Their sole loss came to Nevada, who actually won 13 games that year....with Colin Kaepernick at QB.

-Nevada was 13-1...Their only loss came to Hawaii, who held Kaepernick/Nevada to their lowest scoring output that season....The Hawaii DC was Dave Aranda.

-2nd most points scored against Dave Aranda/Hawaii that year was Lane Kiffin (USC, Ed O was D-Line coach). The most against Aranda was Tulsa with Chad Morris as OC.

-Tulsa actually put up a ton of points that year on everyone, which led to Chad Morris getting hired by Dabo following the season.

-Tulsa opened up that season with a shootout against ECU, who's OC was Lincoln Riley.

-Tulsa also beat Notre Dame in 2010, which happened to be Brian Kelly's first year.

-This was the year that Miami ended up with Notre Dame in the Sun Bowl, which ultimately lead to us firing Randy Shannon after winning 7 games that year. (Wassup Al Golden?)

-Miami's high moment that year was a quality loss to #2 ranked Ohio State...We were actually up 10-3 early in the 2nd quarter before John Lovett's defense showed up, and Mark Whipple's offense stalled out. This was our last year having a top shelf OL coach, in Jeff Stoutland. Oh, and this was DVD's sophomore year. Luke Fickell was still at OSU this year.

-On the bright side of that Miami team...we managed to beat FAMU (yes, I needed a reason to bring up FAMU)

-2010 was the last year that FAMU beat Bethune Cookman...who would go on a 9 game winning streak against them....That win streak was finally broken this past (2021) season.

-2010 was also the last time that Miami beat Clemson...Can another Orange and Green break a losing streak?

-Also, to a point I mentioned above about Chad Morris, the person who got fired was Billy Napier (Clemson's OC in 2010). Clemson's DC was Kevin Steele.

-Clemson's 2010 team lost to USF in the bowl game. USF actually played 4 (Current) ACC teams that year and went 3-1 against them. Pitt and Louisville (Still in the Big East at this time) in addition to Miami.

-This was Dave Wannstedt's last year at Pitt before he got replaced by Todd Graham (Who hired Mike Norvell as his Co-OC).

-This was Charlie Strong's first year at Louisville.

-This was Jim Knowles first year at DC for a P5 school. Too bad they played Alabama, who dropped 62 on them with Jim McElwain as their OC.

-Nick Saban DIDN'T run this year, as they went 10-3. One of those losses being to the eventual BCS Champion in Auburn...Yes, Cam Newton's Auburn who spoiled Oregon's first appearance in a NC game. Oregon Tears.
Sometimes looking back on things can be uncomfortable.

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Kind of a down year for college football’s elite. In the SEC, Bama had its only rebuilding year during Saban’s tenure while UF fell off a cliff with Tebow’s departure.

Speaking of falling off a cliff, after Colt McCoy left Texas nosedived after making it to the NCG the previous season.

USC was in sanction limbo. FSU was in transition with Jimbo taking over, and Clemson hadn’t made the coordinator hires that were later going to propel them to the success they had a few years later.

Auburn won a bunch of close games with Cam Newton’s monster year and Michael Dyer’s knee kept them from losing to a meh-talent Oregon team in the NC game.
A sad reminder of how great that 2011 win against USF felt at the moment. Coming off a FSU road loss and being in a dog fight with a 5 win USF team. Classic Al Golden memory and Shannon memory in 1 thread.
No ****. Emphasis on SAD. I mean, this was part of my closer,

...That's not to say I'm not grateful to them being responsible for Al Golden coming to Coral Gables. Far from it, we'll always have 2010 to look back on. I just want us to return the favor by giving one more beating. Think of it as our way of saying, "Thank You"...

Those are actual words I wrote, complete sentences even (almost?), and put them up on Al Gore's internet for the world to see. And like you said, I actually believed those lies I told myself.

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I truly enjoyed this post and it is a reminder that there are so many coaches that are currently barely/unknown who will be hot **** 10 years from now (duh).

Dare I ask what sent you down this rabbit hole in the first place?

Was reading this thread. Thought about coaches in their first year that could be the best comparison to Cristobal. Wanted an ACC coach not named Dabo, so went with Jimbo instead (which is why the first bullet point starts with VT beating FSU). Forgot that VT used to actually be elite, so checked out their schedule...then saw the Boise game and it brought back memories. Boise led to "why was Nevada 13-1 again?", which led to "who ruined Nevada's season?". Then saw Dave and Hawaii and thinking wow, didn't even realize all these guys earlier in their career low key beating each other as coordinators. Rabbit hole got deeper as I tried seeing who made Dave's defense look bad, and then at that point I fully committed to just making a new thread.
Our offense didn't exactly stall vs OSU, Jacory threw a bunch of picks, including one that went right through Benjamin's hands and into the lap of the DB right behind him, and later we were on like the 3 yard line and could have made it a 1 score game and he threw another pick to Cam Heyward who had dropped into coverage. We moved the ball all day.