NFL Honors

calinative umstudent

Apr 28, 2014
HOF - Ladanian Tomlinson, Terrell Davis, Morten Anderson, Kurt Warner, Jason Taylor, Jerry Jones, Kenny Easley

*If Terrell Owens can't even get in as a 2nd ballot HOFer, and it took Tim Brown and Chris Carter like 5 years, theres no chance in **** Reggie or Dre are ever getting in. However, the fact that 2 RBs got in this year, might mean Edge can get the call soon.

MVP - Matt Ryan.
DefensivePOY - Khalil Mack, beat out Von Miller by 1 vote.
OffensivePOY - Matt Ryan, Will likely also get MVP
OffensiveRookieOY - Dak Prescott
DefensiveRookieOY - Joey Bosa

ComebackPOY - Jordy Nelson, JJ Watt will 1000% win this next yr. Its not even up for debate.
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Can someone explain to me the case for Terrell Davis over Edge?

The only arguement is that he had probably one of the greatest 2-3 yrs as a RB in NFL history. And while they had Elway, he clearly led them to the SB

Other than that, there is not really an argument that he should be in over Edge.