Dec 31, 2016
What is it going to take to see that this dude is a game killer?
same mistakes for three years in a row. if he does not have the
ball he cant play. don't have the ability to shake off a mistake without
dragging his emotions on the team, he missed wide open players when
he had the ball because he has no vision.

even in transition 3 on 1 he don't know how to pass the ball, i guess before miami
started to get good players he was probably our best option so we really couldn't
say much but now things are changing and a guy who has no inside or outside shot
and cannot move without the ball really have no value to us, now that key pieces are
falling in place. i mean what else does he have? great defense no. offense only when team
cant stop the drive, but, when they do, he is lost. which leads to us losing.