New stadium in Milan - "most beautiful stadium in the world"

68 acres.

65,000 seat capacity.

"The most beautiful stadium in the world".

Cons - no parking/tailgating...

Yeah, most of the world-class stadiums from Europe have very little, to zero, parking spaces as folks use public transport and do their pre-game drinking at the local pubs....that tailgating culture is kind of our thing.
This is starting to smell a bit fishy, this smell like Nevin all over again. I hope i am dead wrong. Everyone has a motive at the end of the day, I wonder what they are getting for building this stadium.

They’ll probably sell a lot of soccer tickets to fans in Italy.
Just pointing out a few things. Don't need a massive amount of land for the stadium itself (parking is another issue) and you can build something pretty nice at a 65,000 capacity. Plus, it will be used by two teams.

You know, for the crowd who likes to tell us that any UM stadium would be some cheap metal-bleacher type that only holds 49K.

People need to be a little bit more open-minded and become students of the world. There are a lot of things we can observe and learn by looking beyond the borders of Dade County.
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Most beautiful? Just saw one pic it's a fuqin rectangle.