NEW OC Dan Enos

D RevLee

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Jan 1, 2019
I have no idea if it’ll be a good or bad hire. I am tho disappointed that this guy Hasn’t ever run the type of system that would maximize the talent on this team.

That’s not to say he’s a bad coach. I’m sure he is a good coach, he was at Bama after all. But his experience is Different from what I was hoping for, and also not what manny said he was looking for.
U said this is a disappointing JAG hire and Miami won't get players to come here. Good OCs will run whatever best fits their players. The fact is, u don't know what he will run here at Miami. So remember this is a disappointing JAG hire and don't be a fan later.

Ash Joshi

Jan 30, 2012
That's why many of our fans are so hilarious.

Locksley was making $1.25 million at Alabama last year as OC. We should be spending that or more on ours all things considered, but likely wont.

Miami may not be the most appealing gig on earth as far as winning right now, but money talks and bullshit walks. You put it out there, you get a big name.

Now had this Enos guy been QB Coach at Alabama for 3 years...I would feel much better about this.

Clear that Saban had no problem parting ways with a position he feels can easily be maintained while he has the bought brothers from Hawaii. He clearly didn't see Enos as good enough to trust the OC position to and wanted to reach out again for Locksley's replacement. As usual, Miami is the triple A ballclub grooming coaches for the big leagues. :mad:

I’m sorry but this is so ignorant that I have to reply. Everything I have read about Enos apart from this message board has not only been positive, but gushing in praise, whether from former players, coaches or fans of other programs. And “everything” includes respected people stating that Enos was being promoted to OC at Alabama. So either you have not done your homework on Enos, like many on this board, or you are choosing to ignore the opinions of so many people with more knowledge tjan you have, that you come off as ignorant.

The truth is that unless you know people who have worked with an individual, especially one who works in a group setting, any analysis you are doing about that specific individual’s qualifications is merely guess work. For example, who can truly say whether. QB’s performance should be credited to the head coach, OC or QB coach? Only the people on the inside because as outsiders we are choosing to give credit to a specific individual with little to no information.

About 6 months ago I heard that Bama brought in a highly respected QB coach, in part to convince Hurts to stay in the program. And it worked. I remember thinking at the time that this was a strong move by Saban. That coach was obviously Enos.

Obviously the proof is in the results, but everything that anyone with knowledge has stated is so positive that to be negative is just ignorant.


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Jan 1, 2018
Lol the initial negative reactions from a lot of you is comical. This is actually a legit hire. Manny actually went out and did a thorough OC search and hired a competent coach. Results on the field remain to be seen, but this was absolutely a solid hire.


Nov 5, 2011
Dino Babers
Clemson still has one game a year that they almost or do "Clemson". Losing Lawrence made their offense look a lot like Miami's for most of the game. Sometimes I think Venables gets lazy too, or maybe the players just didn't put in the work. Same thing happened against USCe, which is crazy since it's their in-state rival. USCe threw the ball all over the place, I think for over 500 yards.


Aug 7, 2012
Saban has taken our best coaches for years. You think if he really wanted to keep Enos he'd be going to Miami right now?
So i guess all these coaches that leave Alabama are all bad? But when they were at Bama everyone raved about the coaching staff


Jan 27, 2014
I don't know how the hire will work out but all this positive from the media can't hurt.
Yep. If all the talking heads are saying it's great, the recruits will think so too. Young kids have a front-running mentality.