New Klotz Player Development Center


Redshirt Freshman
Jan 29, 2012
The new Klotz Player Development Center ("batting cage") is opening soon for the baseball players. See here for a short video about it but a good article explaining the technology in it. Pretty cool! It should help batters and pitchers a lot, as well as attract recruits. I understand it will be open 24 hours a day for players to use it whenever they feel the need and want to work on part of their game. I'm sure Gino has been talking this up to the recruits.


Mahoney 7
Mar 9, 2017
This is great news. Miami baseball has received major and much needed facilities upgrades in the last decade or so. Couple these with the new rules around scholarships (or whatever that weird new rule is that will impact baseball) and getting new blood in DiMare, and I'm really optimistic 'Canes baseball can get back to where it needs to be.

Sadly, I'm still mourning the loss of Elephant Man, and the void he leaves cannot be filled. I don't know who will be selling ice cold soda, ice cold water, peanuts, gatorade, cracker jacks and sunflower seeds, but I'm just not as inclined to transact business with them.

Seriously, Darryl Johnson, RIP. True legend and one of few pieces of my life I'm certain I'll never forget.