National Title Game - who ya got???


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Dec 19, 2013
One of the differences between Alabama and a lot of other schools is they get big leads and are able to play their underclassmen. Those players get experience, so when a starter gets hurt, graduates or leaves early for the NFL they can step right in to the position. When is the last time UM had that going for themselves? Go position by position with UM and see how many of them have an experienced replacement.

Brother; this is one of the more insightful & telling post I’ve seen in a while. U r absolutely spot on.


Feb 4, 2013
Justin Jefferson is not as thin as Devonta Smith bro. But let me go Google their weight. Right now just strictly going off the eyeball test.

In the lower half he is. Either way Marvin Harrison was the same size. And Smith is better.

Still doesn't make sense to me how their weight measurements are so discrepant but functionally they are the same. Shows how silly quantitative scouting can be...I've seen fantasy touts putting Smith outside their top 12 rookies lol.